Yoga in winter

Balancing pose, October 2021

Balancing pose, October 2021

I’ve a new project: Handstand.

I can imagine that the handstands drills and exercises will help me to get better at the vinyasa.

Almost one year ago I bought an online class created by Kyle Weiger. It’s a handstand specialist. He used to travel around the world to teach press handstand. Even his mother was able to press into a handstand after this 6 week course. This makes me optimistic. Time is not wasted even when I don’t manage to get into a handstand in the middle of the room. The core exercises will help me to perform other asanas with more ease.

Online classes are not easy to follow. I need gglasses to see the exercises on the screen, but when I practice I don’t need classes. To take the glasses off and on gets on my nerves. It’s an obstacle and it makes any class not really pleasant.

My method: I watch the video first. Then I write down the order of the exercises and I write down how many repetitions are recommended. Some exercises especially the stretching ones are rather easy for me. The strength exercises are difficult. I can focus on those.

When possible I integrate drills and exercises into my daily yoga practice.

I’m curious how far I’ll come with this handstand adventure.