Rest day

Savasana, June 2021

Savasana, June 2021

Saturday is a day without Ashtanga Yoga. It’s a rest day. This gives the opportunity to reflect on the last week. It gives the opportunity to shovel away all the other duties and tasks that I’ve postponed. This will allow me to start the yoga week tomorrow without a long to do list in mind.

I’ll also use this weekend to discard things that I don’t need anymore. It is said that in the Western world most people have more than 10.000 things. This is too much.

Don’t accumulate unnecessary possessions. This is a very good hint. We need much less than we think. Less things equals a more relaxed life. Less things means less chores. Less things means more time and time is precious.

For those who are bored without a yoga practice I’d like to recommend a YouTube channel created by an Indian yogi:

Be inspired.