Passive stretching - noodle pose

Back bending, passive stretching, June 2021

Back bending, passive stretching, June 2021

Rather regularly I practice along with the videos created by Lucas / Yogabody. His stretching method is called gravity training. I think it’s rather effective. The shoulder exercises improved my back bending almost immediately.

The gravity training that I had bought has 5 videos, each has up to 3 poses. The first video focuses on the hamstrings. The next video focuses on the hips, the shoulders. follow Then the back is the focus. The last video focuses on wrists and twists.

What makes a difference is the holding time of the asana. The above pose, that Lucas named ‘noddle pose’ is held for 5 minutes. At the end of this time my feet and my hands reach the floor. No strength is needed in that position. The body can relax, which is important for stretching.

Lucas mentions it in the video, but I also feel it that muscles get stretched I had no clue they existed.

I practice the gravity exercises not during my regular morning practice. I don’t want to move furniture when I practice. The gravity training is a very effective preparation for the morning practice when performed in the evening before.

Every single back bending is a tiny step forward. Every single back bending makes this movement a tiny bit more comfortable. Tiny steps count.

To get out of this pose feels unpleasing. I move towards the feet, then I sit on the first step. Slowly I come up with the upper body, like I come up from urdhva dhanurasana.

It’s summer here and it’s rather warm. People start complaining already. I love it. The heat is a huge support.

I’m thankful for every single practice. The challenging practices are as precious as the easy ones. All practices are opportunities to get to know oneself. They are opportunities to learn. Sometimes it’s the best pastime we can do.