Hanumanasana, July 2021

Hanumanasana, July 2021

No day without hanumanasana.

The splits stretch the hamstring of the front leg and they stretch the hip flexor of the leg that is stretched backwards. The goal is to keep the hips parallel. To get there takes time and patience.

The legs move rather to the middle of the body. than apart from each other. This allows to bring the hips parallel step by step.

Deep breathing and holding this asana longer than one or two minutes is recommended.

To get into a position and to get out of it as fast as possible won’t stretch the body.

The path goes from discomfort to joy. Finally an asana must feel good. To relax in an awkward looking position is the goal. Being able to do this might also allow to face difficult situation in life calmly and relaxed.

The breath is a huge support when performing any asana. Sink deeper into hanumanasana when exhaling.

The bandhas are a huge support, too. They protect the body. They mean inner strength. Some asanas are not possible without engaging the bandhas.

Keep practicing.

The practice has the potential to be your best coach.