Yoga in winter

Balancing pose, October 2021

Balancing pose, October 2021

I’ve a new project: Handstand.

I can imagine that the handstands drills and exercises will help me to get better at the vinyasa.

Almost one year ago I bought an online class created by Kyle Weiger. It’s a handstand specialist. He used to travel around the world to teach press handstand. Even his mother was able to press into a handstand after this 6 week course. This makes me optimistic. Time is not wasted even when I don’t manage to get into a handstand in the middle of the room. The core exercises will help me to perform other asanas with more ease.

Online classes are not easy to follow. I need gglasses to see the exercises on the screen, but when I practice I don’t need classes. To take the glasses off and on gets on my nerves. It’s an obstacle and it makes any class not really pleasant.

My method: I watch the video first. Then I write down the order of the exercises and I write down how many repetitions are recommended. Some exercises especially the stretching ones are rather easy for me. The strength exercises are difficult. I can focus on those.

When possible I integrate drills and exercises into my daily yoga practice.

I’m curious how far I’ll come with this handstand adventure.

Side plank - two attempts


The next asana of this handstand challenge created by Kino on Instagram was side plank. Side plank is doable, I thought. There is no easy asana, of course not, but there is a hierarchy. There are challenging asanas and impossible ones and many levels in between. Side plank seems to be relatively manageable. To balance in any asana requires strength and technique as well. I opted for an easier version of this pose. Instead of balancing on my hand I wanted to balance on my lower arm. To lift myself up was not within my possibilities at the moment I took this photo. I lacked energy. I lied there and called it an attempt.

Next day I had this glorious idea to watch the instructions by Kino on her omstars channel before heading to the mat for a photo shooting.

See the difference:


This is a side plank. After the tutorial I was motivated to try the more challenging plank pose. To look at the hand on the floor is a great variation. Even my feet are as they are supposed to be. I could hold this pose easily.

All balancing asanas support the journey to handstand. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to do handstand press. But the journey towards this pose is indeed an exciting one. I enjoy the trip so far.

Handstand training


Lately I started with handstand training. This was just an idea. The advantages of this training I realize already now. In order to balance handstand a strong core is necessary. Core training is part of every handstand training. I belong to the fraction who prefers stretching over strength training. Being strong and being flexible is evenly important.

There are core strength training exercises that I like. One is to lie on my back and to lift the legs straight. Everything becomes easier when we get better. Tiny steps are always a good beginning.

Whenever I find an asana or a strength exercise I wonder if I can integrate it in my daily Ashtanga practice. The above pose can easily be done after or before paschimottanasana. To lift the legs is the first step. To hold the pose is the second step. I needed to hold the pose till the camera made click. Having an external clue motivates enormously to push the limits.

Advantages of handstand training:

  1. The general posture improves.

  2. Finally core training is inevitable.

  3. A strong core protects the lower back.

  4. Like a miracle suddenly the vinyasa improve as well.

  5. Something new keeps the practice exciting.

  6. Exercising handstand makes you courageous. Handstand is a scary pose. One faces the fear and conquers it.

As always: The journey is minimum as important as the goal.

Handstand exercises

Something is still not as it’s supposed to be. To jump into a tuck handstand is perhaps not the right approach. I wish I could bend the legs when in position of the left picture. In yoga the movement shall be under control.

What is easy is not interesting. So I keep trying. I modify exercises. I take pictures. I read. I watch tutorials.

What I hoped became true. The handstand training is very good for the vinyasa of Ashtanga Yoga. I got stronger. Today I could do all vinyasaa of primary. Unbelievable.

I’ll work on core strength for sure.

Today I checked my handstand books. One exercise is always recommended. It’s climbing up the wall with the feet, belly is facing the wall. All handstand authors agree that a strong core is important. The shoulders shall be trained as well. They are injured very fast if they are not strong. I’ve a full schedule. Realizing that the exercises are useful motivates me.

Amazing how many people like to learn handstand. This must be something very special.

Handstand training

Handstand training July 2020

Handstand training July 2020

It starts with strong fingers.

The wrists must be able to be in a 90 degree angle. Reverse dog, fingers pointing to the toes, is a good exercise.

Core strength is essential.

Yesterday I climbed up the wall again. It’s scary. I tremble for fear and because I’m weak. If one wants to learn handstand one must be patient. One needs trust that it will be possible one day.

The handstand program by Kino on omstars is very good. Kino shares generously her knowledge. What makes her so experienced is that she had difficulties as well to learn certain asanas.

Let’s keep practicing. It’s time well spent.

Handstand training


I do create my own adventures for sure. Shall I really learn handstand? Yes, why not. If not now, when? How long shall I postpone this asana. It will support my vinyasaas. And I’m forced to have a really good posture. Otherwise handstand gets even more difficult as one has to compensate a bad posture with strength. A good posture is also important when standing on one’s feet.

Kino offered on her page omstars.com a handstand training. I’m in. Merciless as Kino is already in the second training the students are asked to climb the wall. I would get closer, but I lacked strength. That is: I have to repeat this pose. Shoulder strength must get developed.

It requires courage to do this pose. I don’t think that this asana is risky as seen on the picture. Nevertheless not so often i’m upside down that way. Kino is so experienced. I’m looking forward to the handstand challenge. She had created an Instagram challenge in addition to her videos on omstars.

Next adventure: Today I’ll prepare anything with my already cooked chickpeas. Cooking without recipe is my next adventure. It’s not risky at all. Restaurants are open again.