Dhanurasana, August 2020

Dhanurasana, August 2020

In order to deepen my understanding of any asana I wonder what would be an easier version of a position and what would be a more challenging position. I learn about variations. I also wonder if props make sense and if yes, which ones.

To hold an asana longer than 5 breaths makes it more challenging. It allows to understand the challenge. Does one need stamina? Is it a strength pose? Does stretching discomfort make the asana challenging?

Dhanurasana requires strength. To lift the legs means that one fights against gravity. The arms support the movement. Nevertheless I saw yogis struggle to hold this pose in yoga classes. Gravity is a strong force.

For dhanurasana it can be supportive to pose a block under the rib case. This makes it easier to move the legs backwards. This stretches the upper body and deepens the asana.

In Sivananda Yoga they swing forward and backward. It’s a dynamic movement that is funny and allows to get deeper into that pose. The breath helps to swing. Up to 15 times one can swing forwards and backwards.

Dhanurasana, August 2020

Dhanurasana, August 2020

Eka pada dhanurasana is another variation. Only one leg is held. The other one remains straight on the floor.

This pose looks so much better, when the feet are pointed. I like lines, curves. These 90 degree angles stop the flow of the energy. This is why I also think it looks more harmonious if the neck and head are in line with the spine. To have a bend at the neck is not necessary. Why should this be done?

This pose aims rather to train the muscles of the back. The upper body get stretched. The shoulders move backwards. The general movement is upwards. This back bending asana is reachable for beginners.

I missed the Friday practice. Saturday is my day off from Ashtanga. I’ll probably do gravity training tonight to start a tiny bit more prepared. A missed practice is a missed opportunity. I doesn’t make sense to practice the other day 4 hours. Only today counts.

Sometimes I think that these missed practices are good for my body. I get other things done, which means less stress and my body has more time to relax.. This is important for bodies that are many decades on that globe. 🌍 I aim for 6 practices a week, but three practices are also OK.