Daily practice

Sirsasana, June 2021

Sirsasana, June 2021

It’s almost 10 pm here and I think that I don’t want to neglect my website.

It’s summer in Germany and it’s rather hot. The body is flexible even in the morning. I start sweating again, when I practice.

Whatever we want to learn, to practice daily is what brings success. Not only, but without a practice nothing happens. The opposite is the case. Skills get lost. The body becomes weak and stiff rather quickly when we are inactive.

For me best time to practice is in the morning. I prepare a cup of coffee for myself at first when I get up, then I write my journal. Next comes my yoga practice.

I lowered the expectations. I set a timer for 90 minutes and not 2 hours. Often 90 minutes are not enough for all the exercises I want to do, but I realized that it created stress to aim for 2 hours or more.

I use an App called habits. At the end of a week I can see the fruit of my work. The calendar fills with marked days. It’s somehow rewarding. The days of the practices are counted. It says nothing about the quality of the practice. Yet to show up is the first important step.

Taking pictures interrupts my practice. This is why my blog is neglected. To lower the expectations might be useful here, too.

The above picture is taken in the evening. Days are long. I could use day light at 6 pm.

My life is better when I practice. This is why I practice.


I work on lifting up the head from the ground.

And I want to expand the time in that position.

Keep practicing.