Less is more


2020 is also the year of decluttering. Many people had to work from home. The offices were closed. Some people couldn’t work at all because the shops were closed for months because of corona. The garbage collection became a lot to do. Many people started decluttering.

A simple life is a beautiful life. Things have the potential to take away time and money. One has to clean things. They need room.

Today I wondered how many candles does a minimalist need? It depends……

We don’t need candles at all. When I was in India a decade ago sometimes the electricity went down. To have a candle at hand made sense.

Here I only think of candle light dinner. Usually we have our main meal during lunch time. It makes no sense to burn candles when it’s bright day.

I’ve two scented candles here. Four candles I had bought at a Christmas market years ago. Two more candles were presents that I got. Every candle has it’s own personality. To create a still life with all these different candles could be a good idea.

Winter is coming. It could be romantic to burn candles…….

Couldn’t it be wonderful to burn one of the scented candle and to meditate next to it?

I’m still not sure if I need candles………..

All that stuff needs to go


I created an album on Pinterest: Indian yogis . One cannot imagine these yogis with 1000 things or more. They have modest clothes, a blanket, a bowl to eat and drink from. One yogi has a bag. he seems to be a traveling yogi.

All this baggage that we travel around needs attention. Too much how I think. During the coming 12 years I’ll focus on making life easier here. Joshua Becker has created a these 12 weeks and there is a facebook group who are all on their ways to become a minimalist.

It will be exciting weeks. At the end I’ll feel released. I know this already now. It’s easier to be calm and clear the the surroundings reflect this.

Yoga cannot heal everything, Yoga is not a solution for everything. For me it’s always a source of inspiration.

I remember a workshop with Danny P.. He told a story about someone who described why he had no time at all to practice yoga. The job didn’t allow it, the family, the kids, the commuting and so on. The recommendation by Danny: Change this job. Change life so that it’s possible to do this practice (if you want so).

I’m also at a point again to change a lot of things. Things must go. I love empty space, clean and warm rooms. Too many things mean work. They mean distraction from what is important. They can also make life easier. Some things bring joy. Most people have too much. We’re asked to buy a thousand times every day. Advertising is bombing us. I might have difficulties to find a book for my husband for Christmas. Amazon could advise me what he adores. And we buy and buy and buy. It’s not only me. Otherwise the stock price of Amazon wouldn’t have soared that much.

I wonder:

Do I really need this wooden sword that I had bought decades ago when I still was practicing Aikido? I look at it when I have a declutter phase. Oh, I could do picture with a sword, I think. If I would have loved this idea, I’d done it already. This sword is so bulky. It’s the first think that I’ll give away. I hope Oxfam will take it. I don’t want to spend too much time finding a person who loves it. I want to have it out of the house.

Today I cooked. I tried out something new from one of the many many cooking magazines that I have here. The couscous got too thick. Half of the coconut milk would have been enough. The spices were very difficult to put over the cauliflower. The pear chutney was great. My own fantasy recipes are better. So I’ll write down the pear chutney recipe in one of my journals. I’m not motivated to try another recipe from this magazine. I live with the idea that I have many delicious recipes in all these magazines. Fact is many of these recipes are not good at all. After dinner I threw out a lot of these magazines. I didn’t like to wait for the beginning of the becoming a minimalist course that will start on Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll find so much more here that is just a burden, a promise that is not held.

I’d like to create more time for myself and for my beloved ones. I want to create more time for strolling around, reading, experiencing something.

Pause and a restart after a busy week


When I don’t find time for yoga or photography I know I have to get rid of habits like watching TV or I have to get rid of things. Stuff always comes to me as if I were a magnet. It cries for attention. It needs to get cleaned, stored whatever. Sometimes it’s also necessary to do what needs to be done.

I’m working on making my life simpler. This means to go through habits, stuff, activities and to let go if possible. An empty space has beauty. Doing nothing can be wonderful. Just sitting on a bench and watching the breath can be so relaxing.

Being a yogi and living a simple life belongs together. If one gives in to too many distractions that life has to offer, time for yoga fades away. Then it’s time to pause and to reorganize the day. Then it’s time to get rid of unnecessary stuff. It’s time to find out where the time goes.

A lot of things are done now and I’m ready again to start my yoga week tomorrow morning (after a week off).