Choosing the issues


Issues come along all the time, issues that prevent me from practicing. Last week my washing machine broke down. Suddenly there was smoke in the room and it didn’t stop washing. This required immediate action. I had to stop this machine, I had to go downtown to look for another one and so on…….

I could go on and on with mentioning distractions that are thrown in my way.

It is so important to remind myself day after day that my yoga practice has priority. Sometimes it’s necessary to neglect other necessities. Sometimes a short practice will do. To make it easier it can be a solution to go to a yoga class.

However I fell off the wagon. I didn’t finish the January challenge on Instagram yet. It’s OK to be late.

Here I am again ready to practice. From tomorrow on my issues are again how to get deeper into urdhva dhanurasana, how to jump back, how to stay longer in sirsasana.

Thank you very much for the new likes. Welcome to my blog.