Knowledge without action


leads to the sentence…. I should……I should have…..

Not applying insights leads to regrets.

I try to apply at least a few of my insights regarding my yoga practice.

  • It’s best to practice before breakfast.

  • In order to stretch effectively I hold the asanas longer than 5 breaths. 5 breaths is too short in order to see results. I set a timer. One minute I want to hold a forward bending asana, a twist, a back bending asana and an inversion (headstand). Repetitions are useful, too. What feels difficult feels easier when performing it more often.

  • I need more strength. Strength training beside my yoga practice would be the best. If I don’t find a routine here, my knowledge remains nothing but words. To start modest could be a solution.

My new place where I practice yoga pleases me a lot. It’s cosy, I have a wall that I can use for back bending asanas. It’s difficult to take pictures there. A solution will be found.

We got so used already to the corona virus, isn’t t. In the beginning I listened to the news for hours. Twice a day is enough now for me. Not much changes. We all have still to take care. Stay at home is the message. Wash your hands. The task is to stay fit at home. My yoga practice helps. All restaurants are closed. I manage it to cook every day. Otherwise we must eat sandwiches all day, or Müsli. Everything gets easier and better with a daily practice. At the shop of my vegetable dealer opened a little catering shop. They prepare pizza, even vegan ones. From time to time when I’m very lazy this could be an alternative.

Daily routines don’t bore me. My yoga practice is interesting every single day. What is possible today, I wonder. I may start lame and lazy, I finish in best mood. This transformation pleases me. It’s a little miracle every day.

I like to see the sun rise. It’s for free. One must only get up early. The black cup of coffee in the morning that I sip at my desk while writing my journal is a daily joy.

These little joys are everywhere one must only find them. I stop from time to time and enjoy them consciously. It could all get worse. This is what the corona virus tells me. To know that I can breathe deeply is such a gift.

Enjoy what is. It’s a lot.

How to get ready for a yoga practice


Cleaning rituals belonged to the yoga practice of former yogis. Before practicing asanas, they cleaned the body profoundly. Only few yogis practice these rituals today before practice on a daily basis. Or does anybody clean the nose with water (jala neti) ? I don’t know of a yogi who gulps tissue to clean the stomach.

These days it’s also recommended to step on the mat with a clean body. What does this mean?

First I want to mention that our cleaning habits changed over the decades and they are different in different cultures. In our family we took a bath once a week on Friday 40 years ago. Otherwise we brushed our teeth in the morning and in the evening. We washed our face, perhaps we washed under the armpits. Few women shaved the hair under the armpits. That was it. Today we have different standards. I asked people of my age if it was the same in their families. It was.

These days being ready for a yoga practice means:

  1. I think it’s important to have an empty bowl before practicing. It can become a habit to get to the toilet in the morning before practicing. The body loves habits and rhythm. Drinking water can help. A cup of coffee can also help to get into this habit. This is a tabu to talk about it. But it’s so important, it makes a difference. As a yogini I’m interested in the functioning of my body.

  2. We might like to brush our teeth and to take a quick shower. This should be enough to feel clean and ready.

  3. Once a week we might take care a bit more of our body. The nails need to get cut, i.e. Perhaps we want to bath to relax the muscles. Some people like to shave their bodies these days. Think of the feet?

To relfect on our cleaning habits makes sense. I write this post because many people bought a lot of toilet paper because of the corona crises and the fear of a lack of if. People bought 70 % more toilet paper than usual. Is this really necessary? It’s not. We cannot survive without water. We also need to eat. The body can be cleaned with water. In India almost no toilet paper exist. Water does the job. It’s so much better. I don’t understand why people bought that much toilet paper.

Hygiene is important especially during corona times. So wash your hands with soap when you return home. Put your hands away from your face.

Stay clean, but don’t overdo it. Don’t ruin the skin with too much soap.

We have summer time now, that is if I want to get up at 5 am, I have to get up one hour earlier. For me the first highlight of the day is when I observe how the sun rises. I can rely on it. Hello, I’m here again, it tells me. And I think, yep, I’m still here, too. Hello sun. I sip my black coffee, I write my journal and from time to time I look up to see how far the sun has wandered already. When I’m ready, that is when I brought my cleaning ritual behind me, I step on the mat.

It is possible to practice at night or in the afternoon. The best time is in the morning.

When I saw the sun rising, when I practiced yoga I had already an excellent beginning. I feel so strong that I think: Nothing can ruin my day now anymore.

Take care.

Stay healthy. Stay at home.

How to sleep well?


The better we sleep, the more awake we can be during the days. Most people remember sleepless nights. They are nightmares. There are these nights where we toss and turn because we chew on an issue. But also if life runs smoothly, sleep might vary.

There are circumstances we cannot change, some we can.

  1. To go to bed every night at the same time helps a lot to fall asleep easily. Just wait. Don’t get impatient. Trust: sleep will come. Focus on the breathe. Imagine how your body gets heavier and heavier. To get up every morning at the same time is recommended as well. The body gets used to this rhythm and starts loving it. My experience is that when I established this habit, I got tired every night at the same time and I woke up at the same time even without an alarm clock.

  2. Create an evening and a morning ritual. A few days back I was so busy all day, I sweated a lot. Before going to bed, I took a shower, a quick one, under 2 minutes. This made a difference. I felt clean and ready for the night. I slept very good. It felt so relaxing, that I want to get into this habit again. If someone has serious sleep issues a bath can be even better. Warm water is relaxing.

  3. It’s better if the bedroom is dark. Once I read in one fo the novels by Charles Bukowski that he had a bedroom with dark blue walls. I understood at once why. Darkness creates a womb. We can feel safe. The walls of our bedroom are white. A lot of light can come in through the window. Any darkness could gulp the brightness. I consider to buy black bed linen. A few month back we were in a hotel in the countryside. The room was very dark. Outside was no light. If the mattress weren’t so bad, I would have had a most excellent night.

  4. A mistake many people with a lousy sleep is that when they wake up, they look at the alarm clock to check how late or early it is. This makes the body and mind even more awake. Stay and keep breathing. When you wake up, find a relaxing body posture and pretend to sleep. Do nothing.

  5. Don’t eat late at night. Don’t drink alcohol. I know countries where people eat even at 11pm. It’s OK for some time, if someone has sleeping issues, I recommend to have the last meal about 3 or 4 hours before going to bed.

  6. Go out for a walk before going to bed. Exhaust your body.

  7. Don't watch thrillers at night. Your subconscious might still fear to get killed. Create your own mental ‘falling asleep movie’. Imagine your ideal room and bed, imagine yourself feeling safe and tired. Let go. Sleep.

  8. How is the body position? Is the cushion too high or too hard? How is the room temperature? Do you feel good in your pajamas? Improve what you can improve regarding your environment.

  9. Falling asleep, sleeping and getting up on time is a skill that we can learn. To sleep is a need, but how we sleep is a skill. Trust that to sleep well is something everybody can learn or improve.

  10. Don’t omit savasana after your yoga practice. I often do. Yet this asana is very important. Sometimes I think this is my most difficult asana. To set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes helps. One can learn to stop being busy, to stop worrying. It helps to stay relaxed no matter what. Feel the joy that arises when focusing on the breath. Learn to breathe deeply.

When we sleep well, we are more relaxed during the days. I’d say we’re even more optimistic. We can handle stress much better.

I write this post in the early morning, but I wish you a good night tonight and the nights that will come.

Sleep well.

It’s essential for a good live.

Corona times


A virus with the beautiful name Corona threatens us human beings. There are deaths already all over the globe. Super fast this little virus travelled around the globe and found victims everywhere. We’re connected through our breath.

In the meantime those who survived the virus can told us about the experience. Some had only a cold. Others couldn’t breathe anymore. This is a horror. One woman said: It’s as if you’re under water and you want to breathe……

We’re all asked to stay at home and not to meet friends also not at home. Many people can work from home. We yoginis can always practice at home. No need to leave the house. I love to hear that those who have a yoga studio offer now online classes via zoom. I’ll join one of the classes for sure.

In the meantime I get up early again. Early means 5 am. I so love to see the sun rising. All my neighbors seem to sleep as I cannot see a light in the windows in the building across the street. Slowly a tiny part of the sky becomes red, then yellow and bluish. It doesn’t last too long and another day has come. What a gift to live.

Since my husband is working from home I moved to another yoga place in our flat. Next to my desk I roll out my mat. It feels good to practice there. I’m not distracted. It’s calm there. I can concentrate on my breath. I don’t yet know how to take pictures there, a solution will come.

Sometimes I see children and I think they have no clue what’s going on right now. But that’s not true. A little boy lately told me something about a virus. That’s the reason why he had to play at home. He smiled and he obviously made the best out of the situation.

I always wanted to cook on a daily basis. Now I have to. Almost all the restaurants are closed. My E also needs something to eat for lunch. Me too.

To be alone with oneself can be very beautifully.

Stay healthy. Times are dangerous.

There is so much to do at home


It seems so unreal, but it’s real. This busy world must slow down. It’s good advise to stay at home, so that the corona virus cannot spread that fast.

There is so much to do at home.

Today I cleaned the kitchen and my desk. I should have taken a before - after picture.

I’ve a pile of books on my desk that I want to read.

The times invite us to meditate. Finally there is time to reflect on anything.

I work from home for a decade now. For me it’s perfect. Yet every change requires patience. The body and the mind have to adjust to the new situation.

I always try to make the best out of a situation. I cook daily for instance these days. This was always my goal, but I live in a big city with many opportunities to eat out. Often I ate lunch in one of the restaurants downtown or round the corner . Now I cook and I’m enjoying it. I love the process of preparing our meals and the meals, too.

Everything can be an opportunity for something new.

Stay healthy, my darlings. Enjoy the solitude. It won’t last forever.

It got calm here in Munich


How quickly everything can change!

Nobody can predict the future. One month ago this world looked totally differently.

In Germany we’re advised to stay at home due to the corona virus. Theaters, museums, bars are closed. Only grocery stores are open.

I feel as if I’m part of a SciFi.

The current events are a cut around the globe. Amazing how fast this corona virus could travel around the world. It shows that we’re all connected. One world, so to say.

Take care!!! Keep breathing deeply!! Stay curious. Be entertained.

Yoga and Corona virus


Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic.

  1. The corona virus is not necessarily deadly. One might get infected, but this doesn’t mean that one has to die. Remember this.

  2. Eat well. This advice is a good advice at any time. It’s even more important if one wants to strengthen the immune system. Eat vitamins.

  3. Move. Get out, also when it’s cold. It strengthens the immune system as well.

  4. Take cold showers in the morning.

  5. Walk instead of taking the subway.

  6. It’s recommended to wash hands profoundly and often. Go for it. Don’t shake hands with everybody.

  7. Postpone the next travel.

  8. If it helps to feel better, buy food for the next months. Don’t make panic shopping. I talked with a clark at a grocery store. People bought noodles, rice and toilet paper. They went shopping during peak times. Don’t get irrational. Think what you really need. Don’t forget to buy proteins, like beans and chickpeas, peas. Go shopping when the stores are empty, that is Saturday morning for instance.

  9. Cook, don’t go to restaurants.

  10. Stay cool, like a yogi. Life is dangerous, it ends with the death. Always.