Yoga in winter

Balancing pose, October 2021

Balancing pose, October 2021

I’ve a new project: Handstand.

I can imagine that the handstands drills and exercises will help me to get better at the vinyasa.

Almost one year ago I bought an online class created by Kyle Weiger. It’s a handstand specialist. He used to travel around the world to teach press handstand. Even his mother was able to press into a handstand after this 6 week course. This makes me optimistic. Time is not wasted even when I don’t manage to get into a handstand in the middle of the room. The core exercises will help me to perform other asanas with more ease.

Online classes are not easy to follow. I need gglasses to see the exercises on the screen, but when I practice I don’t need classes. To take the glasses off and on gets on my nerves. It’s an obstacle and it makes any class not really pleasant.

My method: I watch the video first. Then I write down the order of the exercises and I write down how many repetitions are recommended. Some exercises especially the stretching ones are rather easy for me. The strength exercises are difficult. I can focus on those.

When possible I integrate drills and exercises into my daily yoga practice.

I’m curious how far I’ll come with this handstand adventure.

October - a new beginning

A variation of vasisthasana, October 2021

A variation of vasisthasana, October 2021

It’s helpful to structure a day. a month and even a year.

Every day is a new beginning for me.

Every month is a new beginning as well. The past is over. The first day of each month gives a new opportunity to do something entertaining, something satisfying, something creative. It’s a reminder to reflect on one’s goals. Hints might arise what went well and what needs modification.

Some weeks are lame, some months as well. It doesn’t matter. Today was the first October. My motivation to practice was fresh. In the morning I practiced primary. In the afternoon I went to place not far away from my home to take new pictures.

Times are dynamic. Balancing poses are great to stay grounded. These balancing asanas are like a symbol, like a rock in the stormy sea. They don’t allow much thinking. Distracting thoughts often provoke that I fall out off a pose. Not to think calms the mind. There is so much worrying and even panic in the air, that it’s good to remind oneself that thoughts are thoughts, not necessarily the reality.

Lately I found a quote by Till Eulenspiegel: Even the truth is invented.

Breathing, practicing yoga, cooking, walking, all these activities can be daily joys despite all the limitations that we might experience these days.