Creating time and space for my Ashtanga practice

Kurmasana, 2031

Kurmasana, 2031

Today is Friday. The Ashtanga yoga practitioner focus on primary. So did I this morning.

I’m by far not where I used to be a few years back. I’m still weak. Not all vinyasa are possible. I don’t care that much.

Important is:

  1. To practice on a daily basis

  2. To practice in a correct and effective way

Point 1 is challenging.

Point 2 is even more challenging, because what is correct and what is effective is not always clear. I learned a lot in the last years.

In order to stretch one must hold a position longer than 5 breaths. There are also dynamic exercises that are very useful. Stretching can be done twice a day or even more often. A short stretching sequence in the evening can help to fall asleep fast.

When doing strength training the body needs time to recover.

Exploring what other active people do can open eyes. So much knowledge is available these days. Gymnastics, dancer, body weight trainer are learning constantly as well.

In the meantime more and more yogini explore the asana in great detail.

When I started with Asthanga yoga more than a decade ago I learned that Ashtanga yoga focus on the flow, Iyengar yoga focus on the correct performance of the asanas. Yet what is done on a daily basis needs to be done correctly. This avoids injuries and pain. Nobody wants to exercise ineffectively either.

Yoga is time consuming, Time is spent very well, yet sometimes I felt overwhelmed because so much other activities were on my to-do lists, too. My solution for the last months was to discard everything that doesn’t serve the goal to have enough time for what is important to me. This my yoga practice.

I decided to give up knitting and baking. I went through all my social media accounts. It’s too time consuming to feed these greedy pages like Instagram and LInkedIn and Facebook and twitter….. you name it. I prefer to feed my blog. To feed 4 more pages makes me crazy. My blog on Squarespace is a perfect way to reflect on my practice. It’s a great place to document my asana progress and challenges. The rest can go. I give minimum attention to these socials these days. It’s better for my well being to stroll around, to cook something healthy or to read a book.

Yogis live a simple life.

I hope that my progress in having less will allow me to feed my blog more regularly.

Thank you for reading.